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Based on 30 years of experience in entertainment and food service, Palace Theatre in the Dells is one of the greatest dinner theatres to reach Wisconsin and surrounding states. This venue captivates audiences with their blend of long-running shows, interactive theatre, fine dining service, and hit live performance events makes it a popular destination for theatre-goers worldwide. Guests and visitors will be treated to an unforgettable experience from the moment they arrive, with a combination of facilities and a season chock-full of incredible events that you won’t want to miss.

No matter what kind of live performance art you love, there’s always something going on at the famous Palace Theater in the Dells. So if you want to visit Wisconsin Dells, “The Waterpark Capital of the World”, make sure that you don’t miss out on the incredible shows coming to Palace Theater in the Dells.

This venue is famous world-wide and fans of dinner theatres and live entertainment are waiting right now for box offices to open. That means that your seat at an upcoming event may be snatched up if you don’t act now. But we can help. This website will tell you about all the great shows coming around the corner and will give you an easy way to buy your ticket. We’ll discover the history of this famous venue and will even find the best dining and hotel experiences in the neighborhood so you can make the most of your visit. If you can only catch one show or event this theatre season, we’ll make sure that you catch the very best shows available on either side of Dells, Wisconsin. Your trip to high-quality entertainment is one click away.

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