Dial M For Murder at Palace Theater

Dial M For Murder Tickets

Palace Theater | Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

It is the show everyone is buzzing about. It is the cultural phenomenon – Dial M For Murder! This September, Wisconsin Dells will host the iconic Dial M For Murder for a night of epic proportions. The best actors will bring a class act to Wisconsin for an incredible night of live entertainment that will showcase talent beyond imagination! Prepare to immerse yourself in the glorious storyline of Dial M For Murder and be taken to the world this performance has prepared for you. Save the date, Sunday 20th September 2020, and get your tickets now!

Dial M For Murder at Palace Theater

People may wonder why theater is such a unique form of art that has been around since the dawn of culture and is only growing stronger. Among the many reasons, it’s really unique to watch a story develop on stage, culminating what took months, if not years, to put together, a collaborative effort of many talented professionals coming together effortlessly; characters, set, costumes, sound and lights, and of course the audience. The need for a collaborative effort is truly excellent. It’s chilling to realize that it was all created for that moment. All the work, rehearsals, mistakes and wins, all the late nights, all this effort so it can come together for this specific moment, for you. No edits, no second takes. That’s art, and it’s entertaining. And you are only one ticket away from something exceptional: Dial M For Murder on Sunday 20th September 2020.

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